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Memory Camel

Works with any light-medium weight fabric.

Capture the magic of your memories with our whimsical memory camels, handcrafted from cherished garments like pajamas, school uniform, t-shirts, onesies, dresses, sleepsuits, and muslin blankets. Each camel is lovingly stitched together by skilled artisans, preserving the essence of your special moments in a unique and huggable form. Whether it's a baby's first outfit or a beloved piece of clothing from a loved one, our memory camels offer a charming way to reminisce and cherish the past. Bring a touch of nostalgia and joy into your home with our custom-made memory camels, a delightful addition to any collection.

Add-Ons (embroidered)

Name embroidery: AED 30

Number of clothing: 5 or more (baby clothes)

If adult clothing, 2 shirts is sufficient

Price includes Pick up & Delivery

AED 345


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