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Baby Size Memory Quilt

Sizes of square can vary from 5 up to 8 inches

Wrap your little one in memories with our baby-size memory quilt crafted from cherished items such as pajamas, t-shirts, onesies, dresses, sleepsuits, and muslin blankets. Each quilt is meticulously handcrafted with love and care, preserving the precious moments of your child's early years. Made from light to medium-weight fabrics, our quilts offer cozy warmth and comfort while providing a beautiful display of your family's memories. Create a timeless keepsake that celebrates your baby's journey with our custom-made memory quilts.

Add-Ons (embroidered or printed)

Name on square: AED 30

Name & DOB: AED 50

Name & Birth Stats: AED 100

Photo on a square: AED 45

Number of clothing: 25 or more

Approximate Size: 70*90 cm

AED 525

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